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Create and share referrals with these easy steps

Documenting classroom referrals has never been easier. Communicate issues with the speed of email while enjoying the benifits of a structured application where each referral is tracked and documented automatically driving summary reports and documentation to parents.

  • Educator Initiated Referral
    Referrals is created documented in 15-60 seconds depending on the amount of documentation
  • Administrator Review & Action
    Alerts are sent by email, referral and student history presented side-by-side for appropriate action with minimal effort.
  • Immediate Feedback
    Results communicated back to educator, with automated documentation and reporting at each step.
  • Parent Letter Generated
    Referral summarized and documented by parent letter with optional signature requirements.
Some of the many features of ClassConduct

Parent report can be generated in up to (5) different languages including english so it can be sent home to parents who's first languague is not english, to improve communication of the issues being documented.

Manage different referral types within one system; Conduct Referrals, Classroom Incidents, SPED Referrals, and Positive Referrals to name a few. Each referral type can have it's own workflow and be delivered to specific administrators for review and action if required.

actionable reports

Reports provide information automatically collected as part of the referral process. Some reports provide actionable links like the Aging Report which allows users to quickly send reminders for any referals that have stalled in the review process.